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Why Choose us?

The answer to this question is simple! ... 

We offer a 'Value-for-Money' professional service, that safeguards the commercial and financial interests of your project from start to finish!


Whether you are a client or a contractor, without a qualified commercial control there is an increased risk of loss of profit margin / budget 'over run'.

Employing a quantity surveyor is as important to a successful project as an architect, structural engineer, an accountant or a builder (Although, in many cases the QS is not engaged until problems arise, at which point its more often a case of 'damage control' and dispute mitigation). 


As a key part of our service we advise client's to set the necessary conditions, actions and documentation in place in the pre-build / pre-contract stage. Taking this pro-active approach significantly reduces your exposure to 'Risk' and allows a qualified cost- / value forecast and system of control to protect your financial commitments from the outset. 

Another key service we offer is for 'pre-legal' dispute resolution & advice and post delivery commercial intervention (i.e damage control), which unfortunately arises when a proactive commercial safeguard is not in place and additional costs / risks have already been incurred or the project is jeopardised due to a dispute.

In addition another important consideration, is to always be aware of is that advertised 'pricing services' do indeed give a domestic guideline to the quantified cost of a project (using current material, plant and labour rates) but this is only part of the pricing process, and it is the part that doesn't carry the risk consideration!


Equally, other professions and trades although they may advertise a 'pricing' or 'project management' service, this will frequently be on a generalised basis and is likely to be bias towards their own interest (whether that be on the client or contractors side of the project). Using a commercial professional (QS) is comparable to using a specialist tradesman (such as electrician, plumber, stone mason, etc), yes other trades / professionals can do the same work in most cases but they are not specialised to that purpose and in majority deliver to a much lower standard and quality, at a higher cost for the service.


Always use the right people for the right job to get best value and quality!!

We advise all of our clients that using the right professional for the right job in respect of your project (whether it be on a full time commitment or a more cost effective 'management / oversight' consultant function) you will always ensure  that 'you get the best quality at the best value'! 

We provide all of our client's with a focused and professional service with the determination to 'maximise profit & quality, whilst minimising cost & risk' at all times.

A few additional considerations that reinforce our service commitments and standards are listed below:

01. We are fluent and provide support with many different forms of contract including:

  • MTC.

  • PSA,

  • NatFed3

  • Short-Term Maintenance Projects (for Local Authorities) and Defence FM contracts

  • FSC1 & FSC2 & FSC5 Defence Maintenance Projects (MOD / USAFE)

  • GC Works 1 & 7

  • JCT

  • JCT – Short Form of Subcontract

  • ICE

  • DOM 1

  • DOM 2

  • N.E.C 2 (New Engineering Contract)

  • NEC 3 (New Engineering Contract)

  • DECENT HOMES STANDARD – (Social Housing)

  • AWE (NEC Based Contract)


02.We are also fluent and experienced  in various methods of measurement, including:
  • Highways

  • PSA Schedule of Rates (Defence Contracts)

  • NATFed3 Schedule of Rates

  • SMM7

  • CESMM3

  • New Housing Method of Measurement

  • Various ‘in house’ methods of measurement (typically based on one or more of the above).

  • SIPs – Structural Insulated Panels (Construction Methodology for ‘Passive’ building)

03. Our services are currently provided for the following fields & requirements:
  • Self Builds

  • Housing (Commercial / Private builds)

  • Social Housing

  • NHS (Surgeries, Hospitals etc)

  • Ministry of Justice (Courthouses, Police Stations & Prisons)

  • Ministry of Defence (UK & Overseas estates FM, Runways, Off-shore, Fuel Installations, Army, Navy, Airforce & Nuclear estates / establishments)

  • Rail

  • Highways

  • Infrastructure

  • Education & Schools

  • Leisure and tourism

  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Mechanical & Electrical (Building & Civils)

  • Tunnelling

  • Offshore tidal defences

  • Environmental & Waterways

  • Ecological

  • Historic- / Listed building & property restorations

  • Building / Facility Maintenance

  • Subcontract trades:

    • General Building

    • Groundworks

    • Stone Masonry

    • Brick-/ Blockwork

    • Carpentry

    • Plastering / Drylining

    • Roofing

    • Painting / Decoration

    • Concrete / Reinforced Concrete

    • Curtain Walling

    • SIPS

    • Structural Steel

    • Rendering

    • Mastic

    • Internal Finishes

    • Landscaping

    • Forestry

    • Ceramic Tiling

    • UPVC Windows & Doors

    • Fuels / Pipeline installations

    • Earth moving

    • Precast Concrete

    • Architectural Joinery

    • Drystone

    • Timber-framed Construction

    • Piling

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