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Managing Director (Commercial services)

Paul started in the QS profession at a young age, as a part-time apprentice through his father's consultancy. As a '2nd generation QS' his education in the profession was predominantly through experience rather than 'text book theory'.

Throughout the 1990's Paul balanced his apprenticeship with his secondary and further education, on a part-time basis learning the various subcontract trades and forms of contract. 

In 1997, he worked as a chainman on the M60 outer ring road in Manchester, before moving into the field of materials testing, on the same project. He continued part-time quantity surveying work alongside this employment.

In 2000 he joined French Kier Anglia as a Junior QS where he was introduced to the MOD sector in East Anglia, Norfolk & Suffolk. After a couple of years he returned to work with his father's firm on a full time freelance basis. Since then he has worked for multiple clients both in the UK and overseas.

Throughout his career he has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in multiple sectors of the FM, Building and Civil Engineering industries.

He is fluent in multiple forms of contract and methods of measurement, keeping up to date with current changes respectively and any associated software that is available to aid the management of these in the current market.

With the ability to work in multiple sectors at any level (S/C to Client) and with a developing current education in Law and his continuing development in management & ADR through various professional bodies Paul drives the company forward in an increasingly competitive market, whilst maintaining his 'old school ethics' and attention to quality and accuracy at the highest standard.


David Collins MCInstCES

Consultant (Commercial Services)

David began his career in construction in 1960, working for Sunleys as a trainee accounts clerk. He later transferred to estimating and temporarily was co-opted to 'Cost & Bonus' to get field experience. Here he began to understand how incentives fairly applied, combined with 'time & motion' studies, controlled site productions and even secured the quality of building work.

Later, as a cost estimator for Aramco, in Saudi Arabia, he learnt how to apply computers to his work. When he returned to the UK he set himself up to provide site valuations to clients as an independent cost consultant, using his own IT equipment and a converted motorhome as a mobile office.

Throughout his career in cost consulting & quantity surveying, David developed his knowledge and application of computers to make his professional services as efficient and beneficial as possible to his clients.


As the technology and available software improved, David used this to his best advantage, developing his own bespoke 'Modular Admeasure Costing System', based on MS Excel. This bespoke system could be used to control the commercial components of any project, regardless of complexity or value. This also produced a commercial baseline that could be easily adapted to run in cooperation with the main programme of works and capture all relevant change, in real-time.

In the early 1990's, he introduced his son, Paul, to his business on a part time apprenticeship (which ran parallel to Paul's education). He mentored him in the basics of quantity surveying and estimating with a local subcontractor, and as time passed he supported Paul's development into a full time career.

Although now retired, David still works as an independent advisor and consultant, assisting with local contracts and providing additional resource support to our company & client's as required.


Llywelyn Parri James

Trainee Quantity Surveyor

Llywelyn joined the company as an Apprentice QS in August 2021 and has rapidly progressed to his current position of Trainee QS.

During his employment with the company Llywelyn has gained a wide range of experience through various disciplines including general building and housing development, MOJ (HMCTS),  Pharmaceutical contracts, Rail, Highways, Heritage & restoration projects, Civil Engineering & Utilities.

He currently studies at University on a day-release basis and continues to develop his ongoing academic education alongside his developing 'industry' experience.


Maverick James Collins

General Assistant

At the age of 15 years old Maverick (Paul's son) joined the team in the summer of 2023. 

As his first part time job he is tasked with various duties to support the operational and administrative functions of the company.

He is the 3rd generation of the family business and works hard to support the business with all his enthusiasm.

He has a keen interest in engineering and practical modelling (including 3D Printing).

We look forward to seeing his development over the coming years.

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