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In addition to supporting our national and international clients, we provide a dedicated commercial provision to many local contractors and specialist trades, along with private clients and home owners.

Whether the requirement is for a 'property condition' survey / outline budget, or if it is for a full commercial / QS commitment, we offer a 'value for money' service ensuring all our clients receive a dedicated professional service, safeguarding their project and funding at every stage.

We cover the full spectrum of specialist and domestic trades and have varied resources for pricing purposes. We can provide support and advice on multiple contractual issues, guidance and management of budgets, payments, change management, client liaison and dispute mitigation, if required.

We can also provide project management services for domestic and private builds ensuring both progress and funding are maximised to the highest client benefit, whilst maintaining a fair profit entitlement to the supply chain. We work in partnership with other professionals (including, designers, architects, structural engineers & building inspectors) to mitigate any client risk exposure and ensure a proactive management of the project components.

In addition to our portfolio of local clients we also have established a network of local supply chain partners (ranging from local builders to cleaners) who are highly reputable and maintain their own very high standards of service and delivery.

We also support non-construction clients with the day-to-day commercial functions of their businesses, helping them maximise on their profitability and risk reduction. We also offer our administration support to their estimating and invoicing requirements. In the event of a dispute we extend the same function in this area as we provide to our construction clients.

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We are pleased to continue to help raise funds for and support local & national charities and have provided our services 'pro-bono' to local charities to help benefit their individual causes.

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